Our Mission

In this area was born and developed our business project that after a long period of observation and analysis of the Montenegrin market and its critical success factors, came to life in the year 2015, under the name "PAUDEMA".
Our company is owned by people and professional with specialized competences, skills, passion, knowledge and loyalty. Our mission is to select the best Italian products of viticulture and oliocultura, in addition to some sectors of the agroindustrial accompanying them according to regulations and market development of Montenegro.
The knowledge of the respective territories, so supply and demand as well as the rules, has led us to open the first store necessarily in Podgorica, followed over the next
months open other 4 outlets. Respectively in Budva, Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi.
In this sense we have already started the activities aimed at the recruitment of qualified multilingual, coordinated by a territory manager Joining Italian as well as the entire staff.
For the location, the acquisitions of those with the most appeal, much as visibility for the prestige, necessary to correct market place of our products. By contrast, in Italy were initiated searches and selections of the Partners, by product type, compared to our requirements, carried out by a staff of highly prestigious and professional competence.
In the year 2017 we intend to open a logistics hub in Milan, necessary for the storage and transport of selected products.

The Montenegro

Montenegro is a European State situated in the Balkan peninsula that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. the capital is Podgorica, with a population of 620,000 inhabitants, its currency is the euro. It has an area of 13,812 square kilometres, and a coastline of 199 Km is rich in art and culture, characterized by lush vegetation and pristine, is a tourist attraction, for its sea, its mountains and its national parks.
Montenegro has had a long and intense history. Centuries of war against the Turks have forged a country proud of its freedoms, recognized in 1878 Congress of Berlin.
Profess the most important religions and cultures of the Mediterranean so that we can find, one beside the other, Catholic churches, Orthodox churches and mosques. This centuries-old co-existence created an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.
As already said, the country's rich artistic heritage, and very interesting are music and literature, but not to be missed. To capture the essence of Montenegro you should taste the specialities of Italian cuisine. The variety of Montenegrin nature and his ethnographic diversity have influenced their cuisine.
In Montenegro, either at home from friends, that in restaurants, you'll always be greeted with cordiality. Montenegrins are attentive and generous hosts, and when expecting a guest, according to an old habit, as a sign of hospitality, open their door or gate, offering food and drink the best I have at home.
The culinary arts in Montenegro, combines the gifts in the Mediterranean with the delights of the mountains to the North. However it is very open to experimentation.
Montenegro is protected by Unesco, has 4 national parks, pointing more and more to sustainable tourism, respectful of the natural environment, and is the first ecological status in the world. It is widely believed by many global economic institutions that Montenegro has the potential to become one of the most exclusive exotic destinations for global tourism.
Montenegro's economy finally is growing, and due to the stability of macroeconomic policies, property rights guaranteed, the hard currency, the lowest taxes on business profits in Europe, this trend tends to grow



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