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Some Italian products that enhance the pleasure of dining
Some Italian products that enhance the pleasure of dining

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  • Grape
    The ideal Italy is the cradle for the plant, due to its mild climate and favorable. Expanse in the Mediterranean Sea as a huge garden, Italy offers tastes and flavors of extraordinary variety. In this land originated the Grappa, distilled Italian par excellence, unique in the world for character and provenance.
    The Grappa is the grape marc spirit distilled exclusively in Italy. Marc seeds and skins of grapes obtained with the winemaking process, must come exclusively from grapes grown and vinified in Italy. Any other non-Italian grape distillate is excluded by the designation Grappa, although product within the boundaries of the State.

  • Oil
    On an average domestic production of 6.5-7 million bushels, more than 80% veins produced in the southern regions of Italy. Puglia, Calabria and Sicily have an impact on domestic production of about 80% of all the olive oil that is produced every year in Italy. The remaining production that has some significance if the divide Tuscany, Liguria, Umbria and Abruzzo.
    About 75% of the oil produced in southern Italy is sold in bulk quantities (collection points) and is intended mainly for sale to wholesalers or the Packers.

    The Italy is the second European producer of olive oil with an average national production of more than 6 million tons, two thirds of which oil and with ben 37 denominations (PDO) recognized by the European Union.

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